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About the Role

- Analyze market landscape.
- Explore insight with research and data.
- Develop marketing communication strategy with deep understanding of brand, product, target, competitors, and media.
- Brief strategy and be the solid thinker throughout planning.
- Plan target journey with focus on social media platforms.
- Create and deliver persuasive presentations.
- Work closely with all stakeholders including clients and Creative.

Ideal Candidate

You are analytical, insightful and always curious. You possess the ability to condense deep understanding of target, brand and media into compelling strategy, ideas and presentations to clients and Creative. Your impressive strategic thinking leads to new business for the company.


- Bachelor’s degree or higher in advertising, marketing or related fields.

- More than 5 years of experience in strategic planning, advertising, marketing or research.

- Experienced in developing winning strategy and presentations.

- Familiar with media planning with focus on social media platforms.

- Up-to-date in market trend and social media technology.

- Always curious, analytical, strategic thinking, full of new ideas,

skilled communicator, fast-paced.

- Articulate in English/Thai, both writing and speaking.

Strategic Planner (Director/Manager/Senior/Junior)

Head Office, Bangkok

Job Type

Full Time

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